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Horray! July 18, 2008

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The sellers accepted our counter offer.  We are well on our way to being homeowners.

And cue the music…and the anxiety attack.


Things I wish I had invented

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There are things that I was never clever enough to come up with.  Then there are certain things in life that I know, given the chance and the time, I could have come up with.  The latter haunts my dreams. So here is a list, in no particular order, of some of the things I could have come up with, but I didn’t:

  1. Stuff White People Like–I make fun of white people DAILY.  How did I not think of this.  Ms. Moxie and I come up with things like this in our sleep.  Why did we not come up with this blog and book?
  2. An Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krause Rosenthal–Why didn’t I think of this earlier?  I write stuff like this all the time (I have three blogs, I kind of have to).  This was easily one of the easiest and most fun books to read ever.
  3. The Disposable Ziploc Containers–I hate having to remember to wash out and bring home containers.  I used to be the bain of my mother’s existence when I’d lose or throw away her good tupperware in school.
  4. Spanx–The bain of my existence for years has been ill fitting and painful undergarments.  So why didn’t I think of these smooth wonders?
  5. Crocs–I hate these ugly things, but someone thought of plastic shoes that are allegedly comfortable and now kids and adults alike everywhere are wearing them with glee.  Tell me that isn’t something I couldn’t have thought of–shower shoes in the day time.
  6. Bluetooth Headsets–I used to love the freedom of the earpieces for cellphones with the cord, but hate when the cord would get in the way.  Tell me how this thought didn’t lead to financial success?
  7. The laser level–not only does it create a brilliant way to line something up straight, it doubles as a cat doy.
  8. Eliptical machines–I get bored on tredmills, but don’t like stair masters.  So you think I would have combined the two to get an eliptical machine.  Maybe I just really don’t like exercise.
  9. The Furminator–with two cats you would think I would have come up with something that gets excess hair out better than anything in the history of the world.  You’d think wrong.
  10. Energy Drinks–The Mister loves these things and so do many others.  Who knew pouring a shitload of sugar and caffine into a can and making it taste like flat Mountain Dew would be such a seller?

Crazy and Crazier

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To say that I have some neurotic tendencies would be an understatement.

One of these neurotic tendencies involves money.  I grew up in a family where money was scarce at quite a few turns and God bless my parents, but we always knew about it.  This coupled with a lack of any sort of financial management skills has led me down many a wrong path in my day.  I have credit card debit equivalent to the GNP of a small nation and student loans in the amount some people (quite a few) pay for a house.  I’m learning to deal with it all as an adult and in stride.  Hell, one of the hallmarks of our generation is the stale-mate of wages and existence of debt of all kinds.

We got a counter-offer to our offer on the house today.  Up until now I was doing alright.  I knew that a house equaled more expenses (taxes, insurance, water bills…things you don’t pay when renting).  But today when we were forced to counter, I started breathing really heavy. I probably started talking really fast and erratically as well.  It’s a damn good thing I wasn’t driving or operating heavy machinery. (Side note:  they tell you not to drive or operate heavy machinery while on certain drugs, but they never tell you not to do it when engaging in an anxiety-inducing activity.  Just a thought)

I was able to get it together enough to form an opinion, but I just couldn’t help but start to feel that maybe we were making some huge mistake.  Maybe this isn’t the right house.  Maybe we’ve set our limit too high.  Maybe we need to rethink things.  Maybe…Maybe….Maybe.

The thing is that I’m never going to be comfortable making a big purchase.  The Mister and I went back and forth for days over spending money on our last vacation.  I get this excitement over the end product, but then when it comes time to discuss the financial side, I lose track of time and end up in the fetal-position on my office floor, sucking my thumb and reviving from a Lost-style flashback.  Well, maybe not literally.  But it sure feels like it.

I need to learn to be comfortable with things like this.

My method of coping–over analyzing.  Since I’m too tired to do it now, I plan on doing a complete overhaul of our budget to ensure that we can, in fact, afford this.

I just hope my neuroses ends up balancing the checkbook as well.

And if it’s not too busy, maybe it could clean up my spare bedroom.  That place is a mess!