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Grievances of Love September 8, 2008

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I received the following e-mail this afternoon from The Mister:

Grievances filed against *SamGrace* by *The Mister*

  1. Left clothing on bathroom floor
  2. Left soaking wet bag of cat shit and slurpee cup 2 feet from the garbage cans

Grievances filed against *Sam Grace* by *Rocky The Dog*

  1. Left box of books in my sleeping quarters
  2. shoved my balls under the couch

Failure to rectify such grievances will result in a swift kick in the ass.

I responded with the following:

Responses to grievances filed against *SamGrace* by *The Mister*:
1.  Sorry.  I will rectify.
2.  I couldn’t freaking see and I had no shoes on.  I couldn’t get to the GD garbage cans.  The bag wasn’t wet at the time.

Responses to grievances filed against *SamGrace* by *Rocky the Dog*
1.  If *The Mister* had moved his books where they belong, that wouldn’t have been an issue.
2.  I did not shove any balls under any couch. I’m very sensitive to the needs of balls.  I was looking for Rocky’s balls yesterday.

This, more than anything, reminded me of why I married this man.


One Response to “Grievances of Love”

  1. MammaDawg Says:

    OMG – I should send this to my Hubz. He had loads of grievances to file against me yesterday.

    lol – you guys are a trip. I love it!

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