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I’ve been tagged September 15, 2008

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I’m so excited to have been tagged!  I was tagged by All About Everything! I’ve never been tagged before outside of myspace.  It makes me feel important.

So apparently the deal is I say eight things about me and then tag eight people to do the same.  Here we go!!!

Eight Things You May or May Not Have Known About Me

  1. I love all the Muppets, but especially Kermit and Miss Piggy
  2. I love getting my hair washed by someone else
  3. I struggle and survive with chronic illness
  4. It’s my birthday today, which means I’m a Virgo–known for my beauty and organizational skillz
  5. I’m the oldest child of two
  6. I have three blogs–this one, my media and politics blog and my chronic pain/illness blog
  7. I’m about as pro-choice as one can be
  8. I’m witty because it’s funny and it’s better than being depressing

And here’s who I tag:

  1. The Truth According to Me
  2. The Road Less Traveled
  3. Yoga for Cynics
  4. My Name is Ingrid
  5. Distractible Jane
  6. A Diva’s Hammer
  7. Wit’s Bitch
  8. Nothing Else Matters

8 Responses to “I’ve been tagged”

  1. Happy birthday. I’ll see what I can come up with that won’t get me arrested….

  2. The Muse Says:

    Oh goodness. I must divulge more secrets??? OH MY!!!!

  3. wblmom Says:

    I enjoyed your 8, glad you are so excited. I was a little freaked out when I got tagged, because it was my first time. ” Okay they so sounds like I am talking about something else” 🙂

    Thanks for participating!

  4. wblmom Says:

    Oh crap, I forgot!!!

  5. The Muse Says:

    I left you birthday greetings at BlogCatalog…but I extend them once again Sam…am the game has begun at A Diva’s Hammer !

  6. The Muse Says:

    LOL…”am” was supposed to be “and”…
    OK, I am off for some much needed coffee!!!

  7. Thanks for the tag! I feel important. Though I don’t know if I have 8 bloggers to tag, even if I counted your other blogs…

  8. chat blanc Says:

    Happy birthday!! And thanks for the tag! I enjoyed reading your 8 things. 🙂

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