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What Another Year Older Looks Like September 16, 2008

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There are years when my birthday is an event.  This was not one of those years.  It wasn’t a bad thing, necessarily.  I did what I had to do and moved on.  I had cake (because I bought one for myself to bring to work) and I wasn’t alone last night (because Mr. CVD came over and we ordered pizza).  I’m not disappointed.  It’s just sometimes birthdays give me more inspiration to pontificate than usual…this wasn’t one of those years.

Instead I’m left with a bit of a steadily-decreasing opinion of the world around me.  I try to see the beauty in things, but lately I just find the flaws in the beauty.  Only then can I appreciate beauty…in the flaws.

I guess I should use this time to gather some things I’ve learned over the past year and save them for prosperity.  So here it goes:

  • Everyone has flaws.  Flaws are beautiful when they’re acknowledged, sad when they’re not, and downright tragic when they’re ignored.
  • You can’t help everyone and sometimes you can’t help anyone.
  • Enthusiasm is great, but it wears out.  Being able to look yourself in the mirror with what you do on a daily basis is a much better measure of a person.
  • The closer the family, the more common the disagreements.
  • People will do damn near anything to avoid making a change.
  • I’m not as in touch with any sixth sense as I once thought I was.
  • Old media flings can bring back old memories and emotions.
  • I was more of myself when I was less of myself.

Some of those probably make no sense to you.  And that’s fine.  Just remember to check back often…because one day, they will.


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