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He’s a Mac, I’m a PC October 22, 2008

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As noted in my Hank Moody post, we visited the Mac store recently.  TheMister won an award at work and decided he wanted a new computer–a Mac.

I think Macs are fine and cool even.  But I can’t see myself buying one.  Being married to one is going to be difficult.  When I recently purchased my new iPod and TheMister joked about getting a MacBook, I took the decals from my iPod and put one on my Toshiba laptop.

Now my laptop is failing.  The “i” key has stopped working reliably.  The power cord exploded at my feet today.  In other words, the Mac sticker cursed it.

I think TheMister should have to pay for my new computer. Him and Steve Jobs.

That just solidified my previously made decision to get a new PC LAPTOP.  Take that crazy Drew-Barrymore-dating-Mac guy.


3 Responses to “He’s a Mac, I’m a PC”

  1. You have a Toshiba too? Mine just died and I have to get a replacement. It won’t be a Mac though.

  2. chelsea Says:

    You’re WRONG! the mac sticker was warning you to never buy a PC again, because LOOK, It’s FALLING APART! Sorry, but the Mister knows his stuff. You should just give in and be a Mac girl.

  3. Er… I’m a convert. Was a PC for life til I used a Mac. There was no denying it. Hell, I didn’t even want to try. I just wanted one. I’ve had it for three years and my life is soooo much easier than any friends’ who own a PC.

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