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Song of My Life, Anniversary Edition: To Make You Feel My Love October 9, 2008

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In honor of The Mister and mine’s first anniversary (Sunday), I have a special SOML dedication. The song is “To Make You Feel My Love,” originally written and performed by Bob Dylan and redone by everyone from Garth Brooks to Adele (the version I’m listening to right now).

It’s a song that has been the song of my life for a long time for various reasons.  The last couple of years of high school I was totally infatuated with a certain boy.  It was an unrequited love that gave me hope and pain…joy and sorrow and ultimately, well, nothing.  That’s the thing about unrequited love–it’s unrequited. But I remember hearing the words to the song and thinking that it encapsulated all of the things I wanted to say to this boy.  Every time I heard the part that goes “I know you haven’t made your mind up yet, but I will never do you wrong,” my heart would fill with a feeling akin to a warm latte on a cold winter’s day.

Years later when I met TheMister, I started hearing the song differently.  The one thing that I’ve learned in the five years since I met TheMister is that love isn’t easy.  Love is beautiful.  Love is all consuming.  Love is amazing.  But the one thing love ain’t is easy.  You learn that love means putting up with things that you would not otherwise.  You come to find out that the flaws are the most beautiful thing in a person.  Years later you look back on the times when you were there for that person and when that person was there for you in the worst times, together.  Love means patience, tolerance and laughter.

A different part of the song sings to my heart these days.  “I could you make you happy, make your dreams come true.  Nothing that I wouldn’t do.  Go to the ends of the earth for you.  To make you feel my love.”  That’s what love is-a neverending, always-changing barage of going the distance.

Well, we just made it a bit further along the road.