A Perfectly Cursed Life

Because Blessings Are Overrated

Me and my Perfectly Cursed Life in a Wordle September 29, 2008

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That’s right…a Wordle. Click on it to enlarge. It’s basically me in a nutshell.



A Belated Birthday Gift September 16, 2008

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This is so self-centered and geeky, but there’s an argument going on over at my other blog, The Only Baggage You Can Bring, and it’s not just between me and someone I know.  It’s between actual readers. This is a great birthday gift, Universe.

Well, slap me silly and call me Sally–I got myself some readers!


I’ve been tagged September 15, 2008

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I’m so excited to have been tagged!  I was tagged by All About Everything! I’ve never been tagged before outside of myspace.  It makes me feel important.

So apparently the deal is I say eight things about me and then tag eight people to do the same.  Here we go!!!

Eight Things You May or May Not Have Known About Me

  1. I love all the Muppets, but especially Kermit and Miss Piggy
  2. I love getting my hair washed by someone else
  3. I struggle and survive with chronic illness
  4. It’s my birthday today, which means I’m a Virgo–known for my beauty and organizational skillz
  5. I’m the oldest child of two
  6. I have three blogs–this one, my media and politics blog and my chronic pain/illness blog
  7. I’m about as pro-choice as one can be
  8. I’m witty because it’s funny and it’s better than being depressing

And here’s who I tag:

  1. The Truth According to Me
  2. The Road Less Traveled
  3. Yoga for Cynics
  4. My Name is Ingrid
  5. Distractible Jane
  6. A Diva’s Hammer
  7. Wit’s Bitch
  8. Nothing Else Matters

Bowl In A China Shop July 15, 2008

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My dad always told me I was a bull in a china shop.  I knew what he meant, but I always took advantage of his thick midwestern accent to play the confused child.

“A bowl in a china shop?  Shouldn’t there be bowls in china shops?”

From this small glimpse into my life you should have learned the following two pieces of information: (1) I’m a sarcastic smart ass; and, (2) I’m clumsy (if my own father calls me a bull in a china shop, then that says something).

Honestly, you could know just these two pieces of information about me and know more about me than you might want to admit or recognize.  I am the clumsiest person I know and I am close to the most sarcastic person you know (I give credit where credit is due).

So when I say “Perfectly Cursed Life” I don’t mean that in a totally bad way.  I’ve been cursed with good things–the ability to spot a misused apostrophe, a knack to spot a subtle plot twist miles away, an unending desire to over analyze the simple things.  These are survival mechanisms and I’ve been blessed.  My blessings just happen to be double-edged swords.  The corollaries: an inability to get past mechanics to substance, the sure-fire way to piss a movie-going companion off before and after a film, a constant bad habit of going too far.

So yes, I’m cursed.  But I’ll take cursed for a test drive around the block and still buy it any day of the week.  At least I’m not blessed.