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My World View: At Least 90% of People Are Miserable 85% of the Time August 12, 2008

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I was having a heart-to-heart with The Mister Sunday night about my fears and worries and general malaise lately.  By “heart-to-heart” I mean he’d listen for a long time and then wait for an opening to tell me I worry too much and place too much emphasis on being happy.  Fair enough.  But when I was talking about how I’m feeling unfulfilled with my work lately (and I almost cringe to type that on the work computer), he had a mind blowing comment for me.

“It’s work–no one is happy all the time.”

Is that true?  Is there no one out there that can be content 100% or even 90% of the time at work?  I guess for the longest time I’ve been laboring under the undeniably lofty perspective that people should do things that make them happy for a living.  Was I wrong?  I know Mr. CVD told me the same thing prior that week, but he’s at least as pessimistic as I am, if not moreso, and I didn’t know whether to chalk it up to the truth or to a bad day.

I feel as if I’ve undergone a paradigm shift trying to incorporate this into my life.  I sat there on our bed trying to contemplate a life wherein I decide to forgo happiness for financial security.  Some people are capable of this, for sure.  I am pretty certain that I’m not that strong.

So I took a deep breath and responded.

“If everyone is miserable 85% of the time, why do we even bother?”

He didn’t have an answer.  At least he left that conversation as nonplussed as I was.  That, in and of itself, may be the victory to be had here.